Gelders Horses

Everyone that knows me, knows my passion for Gelders horses. I have a promising Dutch Gelders filly in the Netherlands and four Gelders horses in the USA at the moment that I plan on breeding with.


The Gelders or Gelderlander horse is the Dutch foundation breed forms the smallest breeding-direction within the Dutch Warmblood Registry ('KWPN'). They are officially designated a ‘rare breed’. I am passionate about promoting and preserving this special breed and therefor have done promotional photo projects, write articles  and manage several groups and pages on Social media about Gelders horses. 


Find the Gelders horse articles I wrote for the KWPN-NA here:


Since October 2020, I am the secretary of 'The International Gelders Horse Alliance', a group of breeders and enthusiasts in North America, that will promote and inform about the Gelders horse. Would you also be interested in working with us, or to join this group and learn more about the Gelders horse? Don't hesitate to contact me or find us on Facebook. 


Below, I will share some of the pictures of Gelders horses I took the past years in the Netherlands, including the ones I took for the two promotional projects that I did. Enjoy! 


Gelders Horse Promotion Projects 2018-2021

National Day of the Gelders Horse 2021

Keuring Gelders Horse Ermelo 2021

National Day of the Gelders Horse 2018

Keuring Gelders Horse Didam 2018

Stallionshow Gelders Horse 2018

Kampioenskeuring Ermelo 2017

Keuring Gelders Horse 2012